Wednesday Worship Time

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Wednesday Worship Time

Here is a picture of our translators this week, not including Bob Harper, who can only say “Donde es el banjo?”


Language Barrier? Not for God.

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Liz Gordon and Mike Petagna started work in a new community today.  It is a farming community on the side of a mountain.  As we began speaking with people, we found several who spoke on the Quichua language and were wondering how we would be able to share with them and how the pastor could lead a new church of people who speak that language.  We approached the man who is temporarily president of the community. Mike shared the gospel with him and the three with him.  They all received Christ and we think they are our people of peace.  They were so excited, asking if they could invite others to come to our discipleship meeting with them tomorrow.  Well, the two adults speak Spanish and Quichua and the lady was able to interpret for us today.  Not only that, but within a couple of hours, she was using the cube, sharing without our help. 

Sunday Report

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Day 2 is in the books.  All the teams visited in worship services of their host churches.  Many of us got a chance to tell why we were there and invite church members to participated in evangelism and discipleship of new believers and starting new groups.

Many of us also had a chance to do a clinic today to offer our communities free pairs of reading glasses.  Sun glasses were also distributed for free.  We hoped to be able to send the people home seeing clearly in more ways than one.  In my group (Jay and Kay), one woman who received Christ said that she felt such a weight lifted off of her.  Another Christian mother was so thankful that her daughter and son and law received Christ.  She couldn’t stop hugging us she was so greatful.  The son in law who had previously wanted to hear nothing about God stayed until the discipleship group met.  There were 13 people who received Christ and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with 50-75 people.

Hopefully we can get the stories of other people on here tomorrow.  It has been quite busy.  Everyone is tired but safe and sound as of 11:55 pm Sunday night.

Saturday Work is Complete

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Saturday we started work.  The good news is that we are working in one additional location and had to reorganize the teams to make that happen.  There has been a lot of change in the churches who were working with us before we arrived, so some of them haven’t been up to speed on how E3 operates.  We all know that God can do great things as we offer ourselves to him.

Jay is writing this post.  Our first visit today in Otovalo was with an auto mechanic who gave us an hour of his time and had a lot of questions about faith and finding the truth.  Eventually my interpreter told me that he was ready to turn from his sin and receive Christ as his Savior and Lord.  He did now own a Bible.  I asked Him to not believe what I or anyone else tells him if he can’t find it in the word of God.  I also explained that this is why we reject many things that religion teaches… because it isn’t Biblical.  I am excited about O…  beginning his walk of faith, and finding truth for Himself in God’s word

Two of our teams are traveling over an hour to arrive at their sites.  Pray for safety for them.

Also saved today was one young dog.  Kay Young discovered that a very young boy was baptizing the dog for a period time longer than prescribed in God’s word.  Actually he wanted the dog to drink and figured surely he would if his head was below water!  : )

Please pray for Jairo, E3’s country director.  His 11 year old daughter is sick while he is here, along with some other issues of being away from home.  God knows it all.  Liz and I prayed with Jairo tonight.

One team (Charles and Patricia) had a great time doing their opening day eyeglass clinic to establish a foothold in their community.  Twenty three people came to faith in Christ.

Some of the teams just prayer walked today.  We are working at the direction of our host churches and have some flexibility to accomplish the mission as they see best for their community.

Pray also that we will be able to train and encourage the national believers here to share their faith and start new Bible studies and churches.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We are all very tired from our 2 am arrival in Ibarra this morning, leading to a very short night.


too long.


The internet is very spotty, so we’ll report in when we can.

Here and WOW!

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The  internet at our hotel(which is now Mitad Del Mundo) is down so the blog updates may not be as frequent as we would like.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after a lunch with our 14 pastors, eac team headed to their community to prayer walk.  I (Liz) heard a lot of excitement when the teams returned and can´t wait to hear stories today after our first day of visiting poeople in their homes. 

I am working with Michael and his response to our first person accepting Christ was, “WOW!”  Two visits later, I gave him:) the opportunity to share with a man we met.  He did a great job and the man along with his two neices accepted Christ.  We will return tomorrow to do Bible study with them. 

<i hope to post more tonight after teams return.  Thank you again for all of your prayers.

God does answer prayers!

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Glenda (the translator assigned to work with me), and one of the church members from the local church went out today to evangelize and every house we stopped at was either too busy or just did not want to listen. Glenda said that we should go up a street and then she said we need to knock on this door at a house. We did and a 12 year girl answered the door. We asked for her mother or father and she went to get her mother. Her mother came and we asked if we could talk to her a few minutes about Jesus Christ. She said very excited Si! We then used an evangecube to share the gospel with her and her 12 year daughter. At the end we asked if she and her daughter wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord. After they prayed, the mother said that she had been reading a Bible and had many questions and had been waiting for us to come. Our coming to her house was an answer to prayer.

Continue to pray for us as we will be using the evangecube with the police officers we have been working with. We have been talking about a need to have a relationship with God but have not gone as far as to ask if they want to accept Christ. Please pray that God will soften their hearts and they will accept Christ.

Dios te bendiga,
Jim Crosslin

Stories from the Trip: Karter Wiser

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On Tuesday, Steven Gladstone evangelized to a twelve year old girl and she accepted Christ. And she wanted him to come back the next day so she could grow a relationship with Jesus, but he wanted my team to disciple to her the next day. On Wednesday she brought 3 of her friends to learn about Jesus, so the three of them studied the Bible and did the lessons. I love how remarkable her interest was in Jesus. She was a very smart girl and it excited me to see her grow in Christ. We shared stories about ourselves and our families and I wish I could go back every day to see her progress. I will be praying for her as I go back home and I am happy that I could bring such a precious girl to Christ.

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